Jane Leigh Luce
Jane Leigh Luce

          Jane Luce has a real gift in creating out door spaces  that are GORGEOUS celebrations of nature.... AND very comfortable, people-friendly outdoor living areas.

         Jane is simply an artist at what she does. We were lucky to have a front row seat to watch as she did this with our next door neighbors' backyard so we got very inspired we invited her to take on the tough challenges of our own yard.

         Luckily, Jane sees big challenges as opportunities to create something even more outstanding and that is exactly what she did. She brought together a strong team of equally talented professionals and then she directed the whole huge process with such a clear artistic vision and a warm sense of collaboration that the whole process was fascinating to watch and the final result is simply spectacular.  We couldn't be happier!

         We think of Jane as our personal landscape guru and we highly recommend her.

T. & A. M. , Potomac , MD

Jane Leigh Luce
Jane Leigh Luce

          Jane is a creative force....who listens well and draws on her skills as an accomplished artist and designer to help her clients’ realize their dreams.

           Her patience and persistence leaves no detail unattended, resulting in the kind of personalized product that is distinctive and appropriate to the setting. We continue to get many compliments on her design for the landscape & entrance to our new home.

           We are pleased to have been one of her clients…and have highly recommended her to others.

E.J. , Bethesda , MD

Jane Leigh Luce
Jane Leigh Luce

             Jane Luce is the first landscape designer I have met who has both the artistic eye and knowledge of plants and stonework to help me bring my garden of Eden to fruition.

             She has helped me design and install a Japanese hillside garden with a 40 foot rock river, a spa with a waterfall surrounded by a rock garden, an outdoor kitchen design including all counter and appliance specifications, a large vegetable garden with rock walls, and the plantings of several large beds around koi ponds and a conifer garden.

                Her ability to quickly produce 3D pen & ink sketches to scale or photo-shop actual trees/plants or whole outdoor rooms onto an actual picture of my backyard takes all the risk out of making sure you get what you want. Her formal art education and ability also provides an excellent eye for integrating color, texture, and architectural form throughout the landscape design.

               There is no reason to go anywhere else for exceptional and unique landscape design as well as quality customer service. She is the best choice for anyone who is looking to install an extraordinary sanctuary at their home. She is easy to work with, has great attention to detail, and will see every phase through from conceptual design to project completion.

M. O'Kane, Great Falls, VA

Jane Leigh Luce
Jane Leigh Luce

            We couldn't be happier!

            We hired Jane Luce to design a backyard living space and upgrade and redesign the front yard. Working with Jane has been and continues to b e a pleasure. We started working with Jane in 2011 and continue to seek her expertise as our spaces mature. She created original outdoor spaces that are customized to our lifestyle and personality.

          Moreover, she collaborated with us throughout the design process from concept to completion offering us different cost options and different phases of the overall design plan.

          Always professional, upbeat and detail oriented, she transformed our drab, unusable outdoor space into a work of art that we enjoy every single day.

C. & C. Di’Maggio, Fairfax Station, VA

Jane Leigh Luce
Jane Leigh Luce

           Jane treated our yard as an artist's canvas, and she turned an eyesore into a true masterpiece of nature while remaining very mindful and respectful of our budget.

           The landscape design that Jane Luce brought to life in our backyard is the work of an artist / magician / expert / pragmatist. She was super pro-active about keeping the contractors on schedule and on target, and she went over and above to make sure the stress and complications inherent in a large project such as ours took place "behind the scene" as much as possible.

           Her decades of experience make her a true expert in knowing what plants will thrive in what locations. She takes into account what the yard will look like in all seasons and over the years. The passion Jane has for her work was truly contagious, because the one downside is that I am now totally obsessed with my yard!!!

A.S., Washington. D.C.

Jane Leigh Luce
Jane Leigh Luce


        We live on a beautiful wooded knoll, high above a watershed creek winding its way to the Potomac River. It is a gorgeous home site, but we had very little space to entertain or hang out outdoors comfortably, so we hired Jane Luce, as our designer, to help us create the outdoor living space we wanted, ....without losing any of the wonderful wild beauty that attracted us to live here.

         We loved working with Jane, because she has wonderful artistic vision grounded with her long practical experience from 18 years of project installations. Since she has such a deep passion and commitment to her work, she constantly exceeded our expectations every step of the way... from the design process, all the way through the big dramatic install.

      Coming home each day, it was exciting to see the project progress and the landscape literally changing before our eyes.

   Then it all came together so beautifully in the end with all of Jane's inspiration, passion and dedication to bring it to life In fact, with our beautiful waterfall and stone terracing we have created the perfect habitat for us and all our favorite creatures too as attested to by the greater diversity of wild creatures that now live here with us.

          It's a real ' You build it, they will come ' story ... There are lots more birds, butterflies, dragonflies, blue tailed skinks, tadpoles, and frogs.... And we get to enjoy them much more "up close and personal" now.

         Our home is literally humming with life now....  theirs and ours...  and we absolutely love it!

J. & B. Harris, Potomac, MD

Jane Leigh Luce
Jane Leigh Luce

        Walking out our front door into our beautiful garden every day is such a joy for us.

         Jane is a true artist, and we love how the sweeping lines of the rock garden, the unusual specimen plants and the wonderful combinations of colors and textures that she chose came together so's like walking into a 3D painting.

         People actually come up to our front door to rave about our beautiful landscape and ask who did it and we are always really thrilled to be able to recommend Jane yet again.

A. M. , Rockville, MD

Jane Leigh Luce
Jane Leigh Luce

         Jane’s work was simply impeccable from design to implementation!

           I've had the pleasure of hiring Jane Luce to design two landscape projects. The first was a small stone planting bed in the front of my town home. The Autumn Moon Japanese Maple that I bought at her suggestion is absolutely gorgeous and makes my home look quite elegant. She also designed a beautiful planting for the small hill behind my town home. The variety of plant colors and textures makes that space so beautiful to look at.

            Visitors to my home always comment on how nice it looks and I always give Jane full credit. I highly recommend Jane for any landscape project - large or small.

L.P., Fairfax, VA

Jane Leigh Luce
Jane Leigh Luce

         I have known Jane Luce for over twenty years and I have always been impressed to see how she seems to create beauty and grace in everything she does.

          This is especially true with her landscapes, where her innate attunement to nature is deeply grounded by many years of practical and structural experience in creating these wonderfully full, vibrant landscapes that feel like true sanctuaries.... for both Nature and the human beings who live there.

S.S.D., Reston, VA

Jane Leigh Luce